Affordable and Performance-Oriented Coilover Suspension Upgrades.

BC Racing Coilover Suspension Upgrades

BC Racing has spent over a decade perfecting one of the most affordable and performance/comfort oriented coilover suspension systems in the world. Their kits are highly customizable allowing enthusiasts to tailor their suspension to their specific application.

Their motorsports roots allow them to collaborate directly with professional racers and drifters, gathering invaluable feedback for their products. They offer six different coilover series BR Series, DS Series, RM Series, ER Series, and HM Series with varying adjustability scales and budgets.

Founded in 2006

BC Racing has been in the game for a while now and has established themselves among the more popular performance coilover brands. Their products are known for being well-built and affordable. Their customer service is top notch as well. They are active on forums and Facebook and are a fun company to work with overall.

Their flagship BR series features a full suspension system with front camber plates, monotube shock bodies, and a unique pillowball top hat that provides the most ride height adjustability in the industry. They offer a wide range of spring rates, damper valving, and more.

They also have a range of struts for track and street use. Their ER series struts feature large external front and rear reservoirs that displace more oil allowing it to operate cooler and last longer. These struts also offer separate rebound and compression adjustment for fine tuning of your suspension setup. Unlike many of their competitors they make all components which comprise a BC Racing coilover kit available for purchase individually outside the one year warranty.

Headquartered in Taiwan

BC racing has six different coilover series that have all built a name for themselves in the enthusiast community. These include the BR Series, DS Series, RM Series, ER Series, and HM Series. These coilovers range from different adjustability scales and budgets, but they’re backed by BC’s excellent build quality.

These systems are designed for motorsport applications with the engineers working directly with teams and suspension engineers to ensure feedback is used directly in the development process. This is what allows the BC Racing team to offer truly bespoke coilover systems for racing applications.

The company’s North American division is active in the enthusiast community and interacts with customers on social media. It also offers a US Customs clearance service that saves time by eliminating paperwork and allowing customers to redirect shipments that have already been shipped. This allows BC to streamline operations and focus on growing their business. They are also able to reduce shipping costs by using UPS Worldwide Expedited, which provides a one-stop solution for tasks like printing labels and uploading customs documentation.

Dedicated to engineering innovation

BC Racing is a company that has made it their mission to deliver performance-focused suspension upgrades. Their commitment to engineering innovation has allowed them to develop advanced suspension systems that help drivers achieve the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

With a strong focus on customer service, BC Racing offers the support and advice needed to choose the right suspension upgrade for your vehicle. The company also offers a wide selection of parts and accessories, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your car.

BC Racing’s involvement in motorsports such as Formula Drift has given them an insider’s perspective on how suspension systems can be optimized for performance and handling. This feedback is utilized to create suspension systems that excel on the road and at the track. These systems allow enthusiasts and professional drivers to push the limits of their vehicles, resulting in podium success.

Relentless pursuit of excellence

Your engine may have all the horsepower in the world, but without a quality suspension system to keep it on the ground and driving straight, you’ll lose precious seconds every time your car moves. Luckily, performance upgrades are a relatively inexpensive way to add serious pep and control to your vehicle.

BC Racing puts a great deal of emphasis on customer service to ensure that their customers get the guidance they need throughout the installation process and beyond. They also offer a wide range of options for their coilover systems so that end-users can purchase the perfect setup for their specific needs and preferences.

The company’s roots in motorsports have also been crucial to the development of their products. They work with professional racers and drifters to gather feedback on their suspension systems, ensuring that they’re designed for maximum performance and durability. These insights are then applied to all of their products to give enthusiasts a great balance between comfort and handling.

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