Compact, Powerful, and Reliable: Mercury Racing’s 60R Outboard

Mercury Racing’s Newest Outboard

The 60R is Mercury Racing’s newest outboard. It’s a compact, four-cylinder engine designed to fit on the transom of technical flats skiffs.

The engine features a 4.25-inch gearcase that can handle up to 20 percent more prop blade area. It’s also equipped with an 18-amp alternator to top up batteries for power hungry electronics and bait pumps.

The Powerhead

As many of you know Mercury Racing has long been making race-specific outboards for the competitive tournament fishing world. The 60r is one of those engines. It uses the production 60 four stroke as its base engine and adds a shortened 15″ mid section and solid mounts to create a cool looking, reliable, fish hunting, tournament proven outboard motor.

The 1.0-liter four-cylinder powerhead is tuned for torque and matched to a gearcase shaped and designed for added lift, along with a prop that delivers instant hole shot acceleration. It all adds up to a rig that runs great in skinny water and is perfectly matched with a Spitfire XP propeller, creating the ideal outboard to drive flats skiffs.

It fits a 15-inch transom and offers a lower center of gravity than competing 20-inch engines, making it easier to run in enclosed water. It’s backed by a three-year factory warranty that can be extended to five years through Mercury Product Protection.

The Gearcase

Mercury Racing has been a big player in the tournament bass boat world for years, now they have jumped into the consumer market with a series of engine options that are built specifically for fishing. Their latest offering is a little four-cylinder powerhead that they call the 60R.

The 60R is designed to fit a 15” transom and deliver excellent acceleration for instant on-plane performance in skinny water. It also comes with a rugged command thrust gearcase that swings a bigger prop deeper for more control.

The gearcase is capable of handling up to 20 percent more prop-blade area compared with standard cases and it’s shaped to provide additional lift aft to further boost hole-shot acceleration and confident handling at speed. It’s backed by a three-year factory warranty and buyers can purchase five more years of extended Mercury Racing backed factory warranty. All of this is wrapped in a classic Phantom Black finish with Mercury Racing graphics that are sure to let everyone know you’re not running a normal outboard.

The Performance

The 60R is a little four-cylinder outboard made specifically for technical flats boats. It is a small version of the Formula Race 60 that Mercury Racing built for F4 tunnel boat racing in Europe. Adding a 15″ midsection and solid mounts turns the production 60 Merc into a cool little competition engine that can go really fast on small skiffs.

The short midsection fits a standard 15″ transom and provides a lower center of gravity for better handling and stability. It also allows skiff owners to tuck the engine under the poling platform.

The four-cylinder 1.0-liter long-stroke powerhead is tuned for torque. It transfers that power to a high-thrust gearcase shaped for extra lift and designed and geared to accommodate larger propellers. The result is instant hole-shot acceleration and confident handling at speed. Exclusive Mercury Racing R-Series graphics over a classic Phantom Black finish let the world know this is no ordinary outboard motor. The 60R is backed by three years of Mercury factory warranty coverage that can be extended up to five additional years with a Mercury Product Protection plan.

The Style

The 60R is a cool little engine. It definitely has its niche market. There is a large flats boat, bay and small bass boat market that could use true performance 150 HP to 225 HP outboards. This motor would be a great choice in these boats. This particular Formula Race 60 is really neat. It has the R decal, a shorter mid, solid mounts and weighs 245 Lbs.

To maximize the performance of this engine, Mercury recommends a Spitfire XP propeller. This prop is designed to match the power curve, gear ratio and gearcase shape of this engine. Its four-blade design and long barrel provide extra stern lift to boost hole shot performance in skinny water applications. The propeller is precision-tuned and crafted in Mercury-exclusive X7 stainless steel alloy, then zero-balanced for consistent performance. It is offered in 12-inch to 21-inch pitch, in half-inch increments, for optimal RPM at wide-open throttle. It also comes with a three-year Mercury Racing factory warranty that can be extended to five years for the ultimate peace of mind.

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