Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Review: Enhanced Haptics and Realistic Feel

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Review

Logitech’s G Pro Racing Wheel is their first foray into the direct-drive sim racing market. It’s a little more expensive than their previous hardware, but it also offers a whole lot of extra features.

This includes enhanced haptics that make you feel every single imperfection on the road, from stoney gravel to bollards around an apex. It’s a really nice experience, but one that can only take you so far.


From afar, the G PRO looks and feels like a premium piece of hardware. It has a gunmetal-gray finish with blue accents that is much more premium than the plastic on other console-compatible wheels.

It’s the first wheel from Logitech to feature a direct drive motor, and it really shows in the way it delivers a new level of realism to your games. It churns out up to 11Nm of torque, and there’s no rattling or herky-jerky feeling when driving.

Adding to the experience is Logitech’s Advanced Haptics system that takes Trueforce feedback to the next level. This system enables you to feel everything from stoney gravel and potholes to the bollards around the apex of a turn.

It also has a small OLED display that can show telemetry information such as throttle and brake input strength. The G PRO is sold exclusively through Logitech’s website for $999 for the wheel base and $349 for a set of pedals.


From afar, the G Pro wheel and pedals look premium. They’re constructed out of metal and are pretty sturdy. The pedals also feature a lot of platform space for your feet. While this makes them a little less stable than dedicated pedal sets, they’re still rock solid and should stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

Unlike the cheaper G923, the Pro has a Direct Drive motor which means it can churn out more force feedback than the belt or cog-driven systems found on many other wheels. This adds a lot to the overall feel of the wheel and makes it feel more responsive.

The OLED display is another nice touch. It can show you all your wheel and pedal telemetry as well as give you access to all the settings – including force feedback and Trueforce strength – in a quick, easy way. You can also append a profile to each individual setting, making it easier to switch between different games or cars.


The wheel features a very nice pair of metal paddle shifters, which you can use to activate gear changes in your games. It also comes with a set of telemetry dials that you can use to navigate the onboard menu system.

The G Pro wheel also includes Logitech’s TRUEFORCE feedback technology, which is a whole new approach to force feedback. Instead of relying on high-frequency vibrations like you’d find in most other wheels, it aims to recreate more delicate sensations, such as the tires scrubbing against a rumble strip.

You can change a lot of the settings via a small OLED display on the base. Five different onboard configuration profiles can be stored here, and all settings are “live adjustable” meaning they’ll take effect as soon as you finish adjusting them. You can also adjust these settings directly through G HUB if you’re using the wheel on PC. This is a nice touch that lets you make the wheel work exactly how you want it to without having to use the console’s settings menu.


Compared to Logitech’s casual steering wheels and the like found in many living rooms, the G Pro feels a lap ahead. Its Direct Drive motor and TRUEFORCE feedback really stand out. TRUEFORCE is a higher sample rate that gives a much more detailed Force Feedback experience. That means more subtle effects such as the vibration of rumble strips at track limits and even that teeth-clenching judder from understeer are more prominently felt.

It’s a feature that wasn’t available on the older G923 but it adds real value to the new wheel base. It also adds a more realistic feel to the wheel, which is important considering that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time.

The Pro Racing Wheel comes with a plastic table clamp and a micro USB cable for powering the motor and pedals. You can’t currently use any of Logitech’s older gear shifters or pedals with the base but adapters are in development for a future launch.

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